This help page is not your typical HELP page found on most computer programs.

This help page is for someone who does not have widespread use of computers and who has no convenient access to the many people who do know computers. This page is for  people who although living in the digital age were born before the computer age. This HELP page is for those who have little or no knowledge, training, experience or understanding of how to navigate around a computer program.  Web author has tried to give new learners the vocabulary, terminology, the steps, the way out of pit falls that one can easily get into, as well as the confidence to keep going.  Enjoy!


  • Clicking on HELP (on MENU BAR above) brought you to this HELP page.  🙂
  • If reader is new to navigating web sites, web site author suggests you print this page, so navigating directions will be readily accessible.
  • With computer navigation, there are many different ways to get to the same place.  There is seldom just one way to get to a specific place.
  • Most pictures (aka documents) will enlarge when clicking (with cursor) on them. There are different ways to exit from a picture:   To exit from enlarged picture (AKA document), click the “X” in the lower right corner of the enlarged picture.      If the “X” is not there :-| , click the above left back arrow <– in the upper left to the left of the www. web site address.     Maybe you will see a 1,2 or 1,2,3 ….  If so just click the next number page you want.  :-|  just click the enlarged photo anywhere  :-|


The Menu Bar is across the top of every page on this website. It is below the bold print words Spencers of East Greenwich, RI on the very top of every page.  The Menu Bar on this website is comprised of   GENERATIONS        HOMESTEADS        BURIAL GROUNDS        IN MEMORY OF        IN SUMMARY    OVERVIEW        HELP

  • Navigation practice:  On the Menu Bar above, click GENERATIONS  to view a brief introduction of each of the eleven generations that are the subject of this website. If you want to read a more extensive coverage of a specific generation, just click (with your cursor) Continue reading  at the end of the brief introduction of that specific generation.
  • Don’t forget: Click the GENERATIONS on the Menu Bar above will only give you a brief introduction of all generations, so for expanded data on a specific generation, click Continue reading.  When you reach the end of the expanded data–the end of the page– of a generation,  click the arrow at the bottom of the page for previous generation or next generation.

Search, PAGES, GENERATIONS and CATEGORIES:  four descriptive words are in the column on the far right of all pages on this website

  • Search:  The Search rectangle and the blank rectangle above right is for searching.  In the blank rectangle, key in the name, place or incident you want more information on.  The program will then search for whatever word(s) you keyed.  Hopefully the information will pop up.  If nothing happens, try rephrasing your request somehow.
  • PAGES: To get information on any one of the descriptive titles, click    Back to England,   Burial Grounds,    Coat-of-Arms,    Homesteads,    In Memory of,    In Summary,    Incorporation of East Greenwich,    Overview,    Spencer Historians,    or    Welcome!!      When you want to leave page, then click your back button or just click on the Menu Bar on the top of the page or click  PAGES (the column on the right of all pages on this web site) or click GENERATIONS (column on the right of all pages on this web site.  If you have not already guessed, there are numerous ways to navigate throughout the web site.  (Remember if you want to get back to the page you just left, hold your cursor on the <– arrow above and the writing [go back one page] will appear as a direction.  Then click on the <– arrow.  The arrow is always located just to the left of the www.spencersofeastgreenwichri web site address above on the standard tool bar.  Likewise, if you want to go to the next page–if there is a next page–, just follow the same procedure with the –> arrow that will appear to the right of the <– arrow above.)
  • GENERATIONS: (Column on the right side of all pages on this website)  To get information on any one of the descriptive titles, click any one of the eleven generations. Just as in Generations label in the Menu Bar, when you reach the end of the page, click the arrow at the bottom of the page for previous generation or next generation.
  • CATEGORIES: (Column on the lower right side of all pages on this website)  The items under CATEGORIES to the right of this page (the RIGHT SIDE BAR) are different groupings in this website. With computer navigation there are many different ways to get to the same place.  Use of this CATEGORY section is just another way to get to a specific place.


Additional knowledge:  To help you find a topic or person,  control F ( Use ctrl & F key together and rectangular window opens on lower left of screen.  Key in the word(s) that you are searching for.  Hopefully, your search word(s) will show on screen.