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5th Generation (John & Huldah)

John (b.2-7-1760–d.9-29-1849) and Huldah (née Johnson, b.6-28-1762–d.8-29-1832) Spencer

John, a fifth generation Spencer in the East Greenwich, Rhode Island, married Huldah Johnson. With his marriage to Huldah, the Johnson ancestry, as well as the Goff ancestry, came into the Spencer line. According the Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1850, Huldah Johnson and John Spencer, both of Coventry, were married by Eld. Nathan Hill on March 8, 1784. Daughters of the American Revolution records show the marriage was in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

John, the second son of William and Mary (née Manchester) Spencer, was a minuteman in the American Revolution.

According the Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1850,  Huldah and John had seven children, Mary (b.7-23-1785), Capt. John (b.6-1-1787), William (b.1-25-1790), Hezekiah (b.1-27-1792), Elizabeth (b.8-11-1794), Richard Anthony(“Deacon”,5-11-1798) and Oliver Cromwell (b.9-14-1800). [Author’s note: The fact that their last child was named Oliver Cromwell Spencer lets the Spencer and/or Johnson descendants know something of the political persuasion of their ancestors who left England in the 1600s. Descendants in America today do not share this same sentiment, especially since Princess Diana, the people’s princess, was a Spencer! and Audrey Mae thought Princess Diana (née Spencer) resembles her youngest daughter].  :-)

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