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9th Generation (William J.B. & Mary Jane)


Wedding Picture of William J.B. Spencer and Mary Jane (née Vaughn) Spencer, August 4, 1897


William J.B.(b.4-11-1878–d.1-12-1969) and Mary Jane (née Vaughn) (b.1-14-1877–d.2-11-1955) Spencer.

William J. B. is the middle son of Anna Maria (pronounced Anna Mar-eye-ah) and John Johnson Spencer.  Mary Jane is the daughter of Lydia Edith and Charles Augustus Vaughn. Mary Jane Vaughn’s family homestead is also in East Greenwich, on the west side of South Country Trail (No.2) and south of Division Road. Their Vaughn family historical cemetery is the East Greenwich historical cemetery No. 7. With the marriage of Mary Jane, the Vaughn ancestry came into the Spencer line.  (Click Vaughn Historical Cemetery above for more information on the Vaughn family and cemetery.) William J.B. and Mary Jane (aka “Mae”) are the parents of Edith Anna, John Edward and Audrey Mae.  The younger daughter, Audrey Mae, is the historian who carried on the Spencer and Vaughn oral tradition. Audrey Mae inherited many of “Aunt Mandy’s” (aka E.A.B.’s and Esther Amanda [née Spencer] Briggs’) historical papers and writings. Without “Aunt Mandy” and Audrey Mae, much of the Spencer history would have been lost.  Whereas, Audrey Mae stayed in the East Greenwich area of Rhode Island,  her sister, Edith Anna moved to California and her brother,  John Edward, moved to Connecticut.

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